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I’m Jonathan.


I used to think I could figure my shit out by myself. I used to believe that as a man, I was required to keep it all in, never show weakness, and quietly handle my hang-ups alone. Just “deal with it” and don’t talk about it, right? 


I was wrong. It didn’t work. For me, that way of being was unsustainable and I eventually fucked everything up in a pretty colossal way. It broke me. It broke the old me, at least.

And then I woke up, and forged a new way of being....

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My Story

The old me was pretty broken for a long time actually, it just took that one last gigantic step to finish the job. I hurt everyone around me. I lost the trust and respect of almost all the people who were closest to me. I lost my house. I lost my family. I went to jail. I had a suicide plan that gave me great comfort. I lost some of my freedom forever. I lost my nice cushy job. Then I got to choose how I wanted to be, going forwards. 


What was missing, for me? Why did I let things get so bad before I woke up and changed course? I desperately wanted to be free, to feel strong in my heart & soul… and to live more, somehow.


I had some support, but it was a mixed bag and I really didn’t know how to open up to it. Most of the time when I tried to open up, the results made me want to shut up again. I had nothing I could believe in, at the time, to remind me of my true inner greatness and shake me out of my own downward spiral.


Hitting rock bottom and losing everything, was the catalyst for tremendous change & growth in me.


That’s when the inspiration for Live-More came to me, all at once. 


Live-More is me. It’s everything I needed most when I was slowly falling apart. It’s everything I’m excited to create and share with the world. Live-More is you too, brother. You should know that we’re all connected all the time and we’re all fundamentally the same. There’s no such thing as “them” there is only WE.


The purpose of creating a brand around personal mastery and emotional growth, is to make it visible to everyone. It’s a culture of inspiration and empowerment! Live-More is here to support and encourage you every day, and every step of the way. It’s here to remind you of just how awesome you really are. It’s here to make sure that you know that you can do it, and that you’re not alone. You can be the man you want to be, the man you’ve always known yourself to be, and the man you aspire to be in your heart.


YES you fucking CAN.


Live-More is the foundation for many ventures, resources and connections that serve to lift you up and guide you out of the darkness. Everything you need, in one place. Learn to leave your pain, frustration and shame in the past. Rise up and carve out the life you really want, by quieting your mind, knowing your heart, and embracing all of you.


The more of us there are, on the journey of self discovery and connection, the stronger we become and the greater influence we have in the world. Imagine a world full of strong, heart centred men who feel connected, compassionate, supported and free to be themselves. 

Imagine the lasting effects such men will create for themselves, for their loved ones and for their children, for generations to come.


This is not for the faint of heart. It’s a revolution.


That’s how WE Live-More. That’s what this is about.


We need you. Jump in!

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